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Series 2 Episode 5

The one with The car in a kitchen

Series 2, Episode 5 (2003)

Extraordinary nerd builds a car in his kitchen and has to knock down a wall to get it out. Jeremy drives a Clio V6 and a WRC team races some girls getting ready to go out...

  • StreetKa vs TR6

    TestsStreetKa vs TR6

    One of James’s more, er, challenging theories finds little fragments of Triumph DNA in the genetic make-up of Ford’s actually rather fun little sporty nipper.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Sacre bleu

    TestsJeremy drives the Renault Clio V6 (series 2, episode 6)

    Jeremy gets very hot under the collar indeed about the ludicrously OTT mid-engined V6-powered Clio. So, there is a reason for France to exist after all…

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  • /uk/assets/cs/

    Other-StuffKitchen able

    Check out this amazing tale of a Lotus engineer who got so carried away building a kit car in his kitchen that he forgot one crucial thing. Guessed what it is yet?

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  • Ford’s WRC team challenge four women

    ChallengesLipstick vs fan belt

    Tough gig for Ford’s WRC team as we challenge them to strip down and rebuild a rally car in less time than it takes four women to get ready for a night out. Who wins?

  • /uk/assets/cs/Anne Robinson

    CelebsAnne Robinson drives our Reasonably Priced Car (series 2, episode 5)

    The stony-faced winker herself gets asked the questions for once, before proving whether she’s the weakest link when it comes to lapping our Liana.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/Clarkson v 911

    TestsJeremy drives the Porsche 911 turbo (series 7, episode 5)

    The 911 Turbo finally achieves what countless 911s have never managed – to force JC to begrudgingly concede that it’s the greatest car ever. Clip may contain grumbling.

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