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Series 3 Episode 7

The one with The Big Boffin Burn-Out

Series 3, Episode 7 (2003)

The world’s cleverest men do battle on our track, Jeremy bangs his head on an MG and Rory Bremner admits a love for Alfas. Richard, meanwhile, is lost in South Africa with a McMerc.

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    TestsMG punches JC

    Probably not what MG had in mind when they gave TG a drive in their new SV supercar. Jeremy gets so fired up he hits his head mid corner. Surely no car can come back from this?

  • McMerc SLR

    TestsMcMerc SLR

    South Africa is the setting as Richard gets his hands on the long-awaited Mercedes supercar and gets so carried away he starts believing he owns it.

  • Best of British cars

    Other-StuffBest of British

    The team each choose their favourite British car and head to the track for a bit of driving and much arguing. Noble vs Morgan vs Rover, and guess what – Jeremy is the judge.

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    CelebsRory Bremner

    The man of a million voices – well at least 56 – loves Alfa Romeos rather more than he loves Suzukis, but that doesn’t save him from the ordeal of trial by Liana.

  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo

    TestsPorsche Cayenne

    Jeremy gets to grips with the offensively vast SUV and marvels at just how damned ugly the thing is. But does he like it, or would he prefer to walk home?

  • Big boffin burn-out

    Other-StuffBig boffin burn-out

    We try to understand the psyche of the burn-out by challenging some of the World’s Cleverest Men to burn rubber. Is this just too stupid for big brains to understand?

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