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Series 4 Episode 8

The one with Diesel actually wins

Series 4, Episode 8 (2004)

Richard destroys some cars with the help of a Boeing 747’s jet engines and Martin Clunes behaves badly in our reasonably priced car. James relaxes in a Maserati in Sicily.

  • /uk/assets/cs/Maser 3200GT

    TestsMaser 3200GT

    Jeremy pours scorn on the latest Italian super coupe, but is it a car so flawed even the Stig can’t make it sing like a bird? Crank up the Perry Como, here he comes.

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  • Farewell, Rover V8

    Other-StuffFarewell, Rover V8

    Richard gets emotional at the thought of the Rover V8 dying after 37 years, but his love fades pretty quickly when he tries to race a V8-powered SD1 and gets trashed.

  • /uk/assets/cs/GT squeeze 1

    TestsJeremy drives a Ford GT part 1 (series 4, episode 8)

    Jeremy loves the modern Ford GT, not least because unlike the Le Mans legend that inspired it he can actually fit inside. That’s why he decides to buy one himself.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/Turbulent

    StuntsRichard destroys cars with a Boeing 747’s engines (series 4, episode 8)

    Another useful science experiment shows what happens if you drive your car just a smidge too close to a Boeing 747’s jet engine. Richard picks up the pieces.

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  • /uk/assets/cs/What’s up, Doc?

    TestsMartin Clunes drives our Reasonably Priced Car (series 4, episode 8)

    Completing the full set – well, OK, all two – of the Men Behaving Badly stars (yes, yes, OK, not counting Caroline Quentin or Leslie Ash) Gary himself takes to the TG track.

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  • Diesel vs petrol

    TestsDiesel vs petrol

    Top science as Skoda’s diesel-powered Fabia vRS takes on the petrol-driven Mini Cooper. Jeremy vs Richard in a not particularly straight fight to prove, well, nothing much.

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