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Series 8 2006

  • Series 8 Episode 1

    The one with The convertible people carrier

    The boys chop the roof off a people carrier to make a convertible, Richard drives an embarrassing Micra and James marvels at the new Honda Civic. We also wave goodbye to our Suzuki Liana.

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  • Series 8 Episode 2

    The one with The drive time radio show

    Jeremy drives a 'Vette, Richard races a jet-powered canoe and all three of them host a drive time radio show. Gordon Ramsay pops back for a lap in our new reasonably priced car

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  • Series 8 Episode 3

    The one with The amphibious cars

    The legendary first attempt at a channel crossing in our home-built boat cars, plus Jeremy's race in a Lotus against Stig in a Mustang and Life on Mars star Philip Glenister in our car.


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  • Series 8 Episode 4

    The one with The Red Devils

    Can Hammond cover a few miles in a Porsche Cayenne before a crack parachutist can drop 10,000 feet? We find out. Plus, Clarkson designs a car interior using wing-backed chairs and bookcase.

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  • Series 8 Episode 5

    The one with The car football

    Richard’s VW Foxes take on James’ Toyota Aygos in our own little version of the FA Cup. Kind of, anyway. Jeremy is nearly sick in a Prodrive Subaru and we use a Citroen as a camera car at the races.

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  • Series 8 Episode 6

    The one with The caravan holiday

    It all ends in flames and tears as the boys go caravanning together. Stig, meanwhile, attempts a world record for driving indoors in a Toyota F1 car and Jeremy drives a Vauxhall.


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  • The Stig

    The one with Stig getting arrested

    The boys try to build a Caterhan faster than Stig can drive one from Surrey to Scotland – and Stig gets arrested. Steve Coogan returns to our track and Clarkson buys a Lambo Gallardo.



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  • White van

    The one with All the vans

    JC and the boys each buy white vans to complete various challenges in, while Ray Winstone and Jenson Button both turn up for a lap of our track. We also have a go at being roadies for The Who.


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