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Series 9 Episode 3

The one with The trip to America

Series 9, Episode 3 (2007)

The one that ended up with gunfire in deepest Alabama. The boys each buy a car for $1,000 and head south to New Orleans. Any lessons learned about not upsetting the locals? No.


  • US trip

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip

    Why hire a car to drive across four States when you can buy one for less money? That’s the idea, anyway, as the boys try to buy a car each for $1,000.

  • US trip: Stig

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip: Stig

    Once the boys have managed to buy three Yank shitboxes – sorry, cars – for under a thousand bucks the Stig’s American cousin proceeds to track test them.

  • US trip: gators

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip: gators

    The acceleration and brake testing of the boys’ three $1,000 cars was always going to be a bit stressful, but there’s a river full of alligators at the end of the runway.

  • US trip: roadkill

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip: roadkill

    Our American adventurers are faced with the prospect of eating a barbecued squirrel after being told they can only eat roadkill, until Clarkson finds a cow.

  • US trip: Alabama

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip: Alabama

    The bit from the TG American trip when the good folk of Alabama take exception to the antics and attitudes of our three heroes, in their newly decorated cars.

  • US trip: JC vs God

    The-Big-FilmsUS trip: JC vs God

    Never one to shy away from conflict, Jeremy finds himself incurring the wrath of God during the TG American adventure, and nearly gets sued by the Christian mission.

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