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Volkswagen Passat CC


A handsome, competent car that's ideal for those who can't afford a Merc CLS or for anyone who simply wishes to drive something more stylish than a 5-Series

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  • If the Passat is too dull but you still have a sensible side, the CC could be just the car for you
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    CC 2.0 TDI 170 BMT GT 4d

    Price £28,620

    BHP 170

    LB FT 258

    MPG 57

    CO2 129

    0-62 MPH 8.60

    Top Speed 141

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What is it?

Passat CC no more. It's now a model on its own: the Volkswagen CC. Well yes, but it's still a facelifted Passat CC, which means it's a Passat in a fancy frock.


The CC is a really comfortable pliable car. In dealing with jagged surfaces - which means half the roads in Britain - it's one of the most civilised things this side of a big Jag. It's also available with Adaptive Chassis Control Setting, a three-stage adaptive suspension, and twiddling the knob to 'sport' adds some firmness to the ride and weight to the steering, but just because you can feel a difference doesn't mean it makes any difference.

The ride is very plush, particularly models with optional adaptive damping, and it's just the thing to soak away long distances with a lack of fuss. Fleet drivers will adore it.

Familiarly VW fare with the engines: the 2.0-litre TDI comes in 140bhp and 170bhp guise, and is predictably torquey and strong, joined by two petrols, one of which is the exceptionally sweet 1.8-litre TSI. Lovely, lightweight and makes the CC feel more lithe.

On the inside

Inside, you get pretty much a standard Passat dash (meaning it's well built, simply laid out but offers no surprises) only with a slightly nicer entertainment/climate screen.

With it having the same profile as a coupe there isn't so much room in the CC as the standard Passat. When you're driving, this shows up as no more than a slightly confined feeling that stems from the closeness of the tops of the screen pillars. It can block your view a bit at certain kinds of junctions too. In the back, there are just two seats, moved towards the centreline because the car is pyramid-shaped, and if three of you tried to share the back, the outer two would clout their heads on the side rails. But the seats that remain are comfortably bucket-shaped and don't restrict your head or legroom.


Running costs are typical for an exec. Expect the mpg from the petrols to be in the late-thirties and the diesels to return in the late 50s, so good stuff.

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