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Volkswagen Golf Estate


The Volkswagen Golf estate is a bit of an orphan – VW also makes the Golf Plus, and all those space-optimised Seats and Skodas. But it’s not a bad little estate.

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  • A Golf estate is not a real Golf
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    Don’t forget the Octavia estate: same underneath, but bigger choice and better value

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What is it?

The Golf is one of the most, er, innocuous cars around, and the estate is the ultimate derivative.


The Golf is among the better cars of the size thanks to the supple but capable suspension. Everything happens progressively and fluently, so you always feel at ease chucking it about even if it isn't actually a paragon of quick-witted agility.

The estate engine range is taken from the less interesting part of the Golf hatch's palette. There's a 1.6 and a 1.9 TDI which are both plodders, and the 2.0TDI which has more going for it, especially if you can run to DSG. 

On the inside

Great seats, a supple ride and fine refinement mark out the Golf as a car that cossets you like something from the next class up. It's a good place to be.

Saying that, the Golf isn't the leader it once was in perceived quality, and there are some uninspiring slabs of hard plastic around the cabin. But the firm furniture and vault-like doors reassure you that it's made of good stuff.

Boot space, rear space, storage space - VW engineers benchmark this stuff obsessively. As a proper estate, it gives you a proper flat floor when the back seat is folded.


Low depreciation is the key to a Golf's fine showing in the running cost tables. The estate comes with economical engines too, including a 122g/km Bluemotion.

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