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Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion

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Volkswagen Touran SE 1.9 TDI

Driven January 2009

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In the spectrum of desirable cars, this Touran lies somewhere at the dull end, in the ‘if you must' category. It's the sort of car you buy with your head, while your heart sulks. When children have taken over your life and sex is all but forgotten, this is what will be on your driveway.

It has absolutely zero excitement. But that's not to say it's bad - it's just interminably boring. But then, what else would you expect of a mid-size MPV with a dash of eco-treatment?

This version has Volkswagen's Bluemotion badge, which means it's got longer gearing, some ECU adjustments and low-rolling-resistance tyres. It even has a new undertray to diffuse air more effectively beneath the car. All of which help increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions (though they're not especially good, at 52.3mpg and 144g/km).

But, as we've said before of the Golf Bluemotion, at least Volkswagen doesn't crow on about its greenness, so you'll find no tacky badges, no ‘heartfelt' marketing-speak - it just gets on with doing the right thing, as well as offering the usual VW feeling of solidity, a quality interior, and even a pretty decent drive (relatively speaking).

Shame it's spoilt by the most embarrassing horn in the world - the sort of hoot that normally signals the arrival of clowns and poorly hinged doors. Then again, maybe it's included to keep the kids amused.

Dan Read 

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