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Volvo V70 T5 Car Review | October 1, 2000

Driven October 2000

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I had another go in the Volvo last night. I haven't driven it for ages and you know what? It's bloody great. And I also know why I've not driven it for so long. It's because everyone else pretends they need to move something, to buy something, get rid of something, etc, etc, just so they can drive it home. Well, I take it simply because I like it. Alright, so it may look a bit like a hearse, but it's a lot quicker then one and there's enough room for several people to lie down in the back. The alarm warning light is still a problem, although the actual alarm seems fine. Meanwhile there's no warning if you leave the sidelights on. Perhaps we could swop the two around. The interior lights are brilliant. Not bright brilliant, it's just that they stay on long enough for you to find all your bits and the door handle. Very useful now that the nights are drawing in

Dominic Thompson

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