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Volvo XC90


Other SUVs concentrate on going off-road or being sporty, but the Volvo XC90 is king of comfort and versatility, with brilliant seating arrangements.

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What is it?

Brilliant mix of SUV and MPV, a seven-seater that looks cool and offers terrific utility inside. Maybe all Volvos were, in some subliminal way, leading to this. A winner.


This car isn't meant for swishing around corners with the tyres on fire. It rolls a lot and steers ponderously. You won't get into trouble though, because it has AWD and a load of clever active safety electronics.

Just one engine on offer here, and it's not the best, sadly. It's s 2.4-litre 197bhp five-pot diesel that gets to sixty mph in 10.3 seconds, while returning 34.4mpg. Geriatric compared to rivals.

On the inside

The XC90 has good seating quarters for seven people, and the ride is generally serene. Up front you've all the usual Volvo benefits in superb seats and great controls, plus excellent visibility.

It's got the 4x4 ability to take you anywhere you'd reasonably want to go, it's got space for seven in what's actually not too cumbersome an overall footprint, the seats fold neatly when you don't need them and it's safe as houses. Hard to wish for more.

Well Volvo has been making these for years so should have most of the faults ironed out. And the general feel to the cabin, even though it's old, is still that it's a fresh, decent-quality piece of design.


Servicing and fuel are the big issues for the XC90, as insurance isn't too bad.

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