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Five more rather silly Land Rover Defenders

Thought that £150,000, 400bhp V8 Defender is as mad as classic Landies get, did you?

  1. This week’s most welcomed new car is, it appears, a last-of-the-line Land Rover Defender packing a 400bhp naturally aspirated V8 wallop. The limited edition encore for the venerable Defender, while Land Rover dawdles over its much-discussed replacement, costs £150,000, and does 0-62mph in a claimed 5.6 seconds.

    It’s a fitting 70th birthday present for the Defender, but if that’s left you with an appetite for other mad, bad and frankly dangerous applications for the quintessential 4x4, there are a few other crazy iterations we invite you to remember…

  2. 1. The Land Rover Defender rally car

    The idea of slinging a Land Rover Defender pick-up around some muddy woodland is perhaps not so outlandish. If you’re a farmer late for market day, perhaps. But when said Defender has been modified by Bowler to go racing with a 440bhp Jaguar F-Type V6 in its nose, the results are rather more alarming. And a bit crashy.

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  3. 2. The Qt Wildcat

    Off road parts suppliers bought out the Wildcat brand from Bowler and set about honing the Dakar-spec Defender road-going racecar, and what manifested was perhaps the most evil spawn of Defender yet…

    Click here to read TG’s archive first drive of the Qt Wildcat

  4. 3. The Kahn Flying Huntsman 6x6 Pick-up

    …though Kahn Design might argue against that. The Flying Huntsman 6x6 pick-up was an attempt to offer a British riposte to the Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6. We’ve not seen orders flying in from the British Army thus far, but it’s likely to turn heads in Knightsbridge, which is half the battle won.

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  5. 4. The Kahn (again) 6x6 cabrio

    So why stop there? Why not add a convertible roof element, as per the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class Laundalet? This thing’s heading for the Geneva motor show in March. If the Swiss let it across the border, that is. 

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  6. 5. The amphibious ‘Floating Ninety’ Defender

    Not all mad’n’bad Defenders have to be wantonly aggressive and macho, mind. The ‘Floating Ninety’ is a pontoon-festooned classic that’s as happy wading into a Scottish loch as it is traversing the shoreline trails. Just don’t expect to keep your feet dry – it leaks a bit…

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