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Chris Evans buys ‘Freddie Mercury’ Lotus Evora S

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Last month, you will have no doubt heard that a Lotus Evora S was liveried up and sold at a very special auction. The theme? ‘Freddie Mercury’.

This wasn’t some cruel, satirical work of art designed to parody the firm’s recent brush with celebrity, but an actual thing. It’s real. And to be fair, it is for charity: the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Well, it now transpires that none other than Chris Evans - that rather talkative chap off Radio 2 - was the last bidder standing when the hammer fell.

He adds the moustachioed Lotus to his considerable car collection; one that includes many white Ferraris and some red ones, including that rare £12m 250 GTO. He visited Lotus HQ in Hethel to finalise the spec of his ‘Freddie Mercury’ Evora S, as well as take in some of the factory’s highlights.

White riot: Chris Evans and his white Ferraris

“Muchos gracias to Russ and his design team for helping me spec the Freddie Mercury Tribute Evora S in the spirit with which it deserves,” he said.

Coming up soon from Lotus, the ‘Axl Rose’ Elise. Probably. Key features include monumental brake squeal followed by a disappointing run of terrible mediocrity. Regale us below with your celebrity-Lotus hookups, and then watch some behind-the-scenes footage of Chris on the TG track, driving quite ‘enthusiastically’…

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