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  1. At Top Gear, as regular viewers will know, we like towing things. Caravans, obviouslyEntire home-made trainsRichard’s dinner. Or, as we proved last month, you can even tow an Aston Martin with another Aston Martin.

    But while our new intern, while footling around the web, stumbled across this particularly odd towing-based hobby… And here are ten of our favourites.

  2. BMW Isetta

    Storage space: always an issue with bubble cars. Which this miniature, wheeled drawer doesn’t really address.

  3. Nissan Figaro

    Nissan Figaro
    Pink Figaro on pink rims with a pink Figaro trailer stowing a pink cagoule. Butch.

  4. Delorean

    Great Scott! This DeLorean’s going back to the, erm, front. Then hopefully to the scrap yard.

  5. Mazda RX-7

    Mazda RX-7
    VIEWER CAUTION ADVISED: the following image contains a dangerously high density of appalling window louvres.

  6. MGB


    Possibly designed by Salvador Dali. Please make it stop.  

  7. Reliant Regal

    Reliant Regal
    What it adds in stability it takes in abhorrence.

  8. VW Passat

    VW Passat

    Two estates. Two roof boxes. One strange man.

  9. Plymouth Prowler

    Plymouth Prowler
    Built to stow a box full of excuses for the fast-looking Prowler’s inharmoniously gutless engine.

  10. Reliant Scimitar

    Reliant Scimitar
    Human builds trailer out of restored car then drives its donor. Human is silly.

  11. VW Camper

    VW Bus
    Another man going to great lengths to discover the sensation of being tailgated by himself.

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