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These are the ten coolest car keys

  1. This is the new BMW 7-Series key. It has a high-res LCD screen. It’ll tell you how much petrol’s in the tank, allows you to pre-set the car’s temperature and will even let you remotley park the car while you’re not even sat in it. Which makes it cleverer than roughly 82 per cent of the Top Gear office.

    Thing is, while it’s extremely clever and extremely cool, it’s not the only demonstration of a carmaker’s excellence when it comes to putting together a nifty set of keys. Here lies our top ten…

  2. 10: Chrysler Neon Glow key

    It couldn’t make up for the violent assault of rubbishness that was the Neon, but it had a key that GLOWED IN THE DARK. Which inevitably provided some comfort for bored owners waiting for the RAC to turn up.

  3. 9: VW Beetle/Microbus key

    As wonderfully simple as the cars it starts, the VW key also doubles as pleasing necklace when your Beetle/Microbus rots away to nothing.

  4. 8: VW PCP key

    The yin to the Bug key’s yang, this was part of VW’s unfortunately named PCP endeavour (building a people’s car for China), and like the i8’s, features a high-def touchscreen. It can also track the status of your ‘dub via satellite. Shame it’s vapourware.

  5. 7: 2004 Subaru STi key

    Hey, it looks like a motorsport-style kill switch! And it’s made out of titanium! It’s also RARE - the key design only lasted for a year before being phased out for something less awesome.

  6. 6: Koenigsegg CCXR key

    It’s a massive sterling silver fob in the shape of the Swedish supercamaker’s logo, with a little rubber button on the back to enable the car’s alarm. A tad gauche, perhaps, and more than a little Indiana Jones. But Koenigseggs aren’t for shrinking violets.

  7. 5: Pagani Huayra

    Horacio clearly wanted everyone at the yacht club to be sure what you’d rocked up in, so shaped the Huayra’s key like the car it starts. And incorporated a flash drive for your tunes.

  8. 4: Pre-1980's Ford key

    One of our favourites thanks to its one-size-fits-all application, ready availability and secondary use as a screwdriver.

  9. 3: Aston Martin Jaeger LeCoultre key

    OK, so it’s a big, shouty Jaeger LeCoultre watch, but if you press the face glass it’ll open up your Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. Pretty nifty. And considerably less appalling than AM’s massive “emotional control unit” keys, which look like a cheap corporate trophy handed out for the “zaniest tie” or “tea drinker” award at the office Christmas party. Does cost £12,000 (minus taxes) mind…

  10. 2: Bugatti Veyron Topspeed Key

    Without this key, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport will only do a piffling 220mph. But if you put it in a slot behind the driver’s seat, it lowers the chassis, changes the angle of the rear spoiler, and closes the diffuser flaps, and allows the car to hit up to 268mph.

  11. 1: Porsche 917

    It doesn’t tell the time or incorporate precious metals or look like the car it starts, but it’s a wonderful example of Porsche’s obsession with weight reduction. More of this please, everyone.

    Picture courtesy of D-Zug Products

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