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Our seven favourite... door handles

  1. Fiat Barchetta

    Press the little silver button, and the aluminium bar angles out from its hiding place, a bit like a CD ejecting from its slot. Then pull on the end, and the door pops open. Jump in, and continue on your merry way in your merry little roadster. It was a unique entry system, ripped off by Aston Martin with the DB9 and all of its cars since.

    The little Fiat was only slightly spoiled by the keyhole, which sat rather messily, three inches below the handle. But whatever. It still beats a cheap plastic flap.

    Have we missed any? Send your suggestions to as usual…

  2. Alfa Romeo 147

    Frustrated by the necessary evil of handle clutter, Alfa Romeo found it a new home, away from the pretty lines of the rear doors.

  3. TVR Tuscan

    Yes, we know this is a wing mirror. But on the underside is a little nipple that you push to pop the door open. A bit sexy? No.

  4. Rolls-Royce Ghost

    This is not a massive fridge. It’s a Rolls-Royce, with rear-hinged doors for a more elegant exit, so you don’t flash your pants to the paps.

  5. Renault Twingo

    A carry-over from the Renault 5. Instead of pulling it with four fingers, you flick it with two. It’s cheaper than a proper handle…

  6. McLaren MP4-12C

    Rub your hand under the ridge in the door, and a sensor releases the catch. Shout a magic word to add to the sense of occasion.

  7. Nissan 350Z

    If there’s an exact opposite of hiding a handle, this is it. Loud, no-nonsense and industrial… just like the car on which it lives.

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