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Aston One-77 news - Video: Aston Martin’s One-77 on a rolling road - 2010

As the One-77 creeps finally, nearly, almost towards production, the chaps at Aston have popped it on a dyno. “Come on, Dr Bez… let’s see she what she’s kicking out, guv’.”
And so they spooled up the 7.3-litre V12 and readied the rolling road. On went the 1.2-million quid hypercar and down went the throttle.
The result? Seven hundred and fifty bee-aitch-pee… making it the most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Production Engine in the World Today. No turbos or superchargers or nitro or anything tricksy. Just air and fuel combusting as nature intended inside 12 of the finest British cylinders.
Wanna hear it? Good. Here’s their latest video, where Aston’s finest look undeniably, and justifiably, happy with themselves. Click play to enjoy 750bhp of joy, and then go and see what happened when the car hit London for the first time.

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