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Corvette ZR-1 news - Hard Cor’ - 2009

Good news for
tyres: the Corvette ZR-1 will get a fancy traction control system in 2010. Of
course, that’s bad news for Real Men who like faintly terrifying moments of
oversteer and inhale tyre smoke like it’s pure oxygen.

For the rest of us, it means the ZR-1 has become a slightly more manageable
beast. It gets a proper launch control system, too - push
the throttle flush to the floor and computers (or Performance Traction
Management, as Chevy calls it) will sort the rest out for you. If there’s grip,
it’ll whack the power down. If not, it’ll just dial out your clumsy input and
send less shove to the wheels.

So it operates like most other systems, only PTM has to work harder to contain the
ZR-1’s enormous 6.2-litre supercharged V8. And 638bhp.
2010-model cars will also get side airbags and cost $109,530. With GM’s future still a bit shady, we
don’t know if you’ll be able to import one officially. Our advice is to start
building some sort of rudimentary ark, so if it all goes wrong you can just
sail on over and pick it up yourself.

Now watch Jeremy thrash the lunatic ZR-1 in the boys’ second big US trip:

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