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This is the Ferrari ‘Celeritas’

  1. The Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) in Turin appears to have the monopoly on quietly sensational Ferrari concepts, and here’s another: the Ferrari Celeritas.

    Designed by IAAD student Aldo Schurmann, the Celeritas, translated from Latin as ‘swiftness’ or ‘speed’, is a two-seat, ultimate speed machine in the vein of the Enzo, designed “for no other purpose than achieving outrageous speeds”.

    Schurmann took inspiration for the design from a horse and a shark - two Top Gear vetted and approved animals - and mirrors the Enzo’s dimensions. Two active rear spoilers increase downforce and brake power, while the low profile, low cockpit and snug-driving position are all straight out of the How To Build An F1 Car book.

    Have a click through the pictures and see what you think. Don’t forget, the IAAD were finalists in the recent Ferrari World Design contest, so they have form…

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