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Hennessey Engineering’s Corvette Z700 news - Texan tuner reveals 705bhp ZR1 - 2009

More good news from our gung-ho friends at Hennessey Performance. Barely a week goes by without the Texan tuning firm unleashing a mentalist muscle car. So all hail the Corvette Z700 - the, er, ‘performance’ version of the slow and tiresome ZR1.
The Z700 is to the standard ZR1 what the GT3 is to a 911: a pared-down, power-crazed version of itself. Hennessey has gone for lightweight wheels and carbon fibre body bits, with some extra flips and flaps to increase downforce. Then its engineers injected the engine with some extra testosterone to boost power to 705bhp - that’s 67 more than standard.
The price for all this is just over $200,000, or twice the price of a standard car.
Clearly these guys have large man parts. And to prove it, they’ll be taking it to the Nurburgring later this year to set some times and scare some Porsches.

Now watch Jezza drive the ZR1 in the boys’ second big US trip: 

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