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Out now! It’s the brand new Top Gear magazine…

It’s over to Top
Gear magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Charlie Turner for a few words on this month’s
spectacular new issue - out now!

Stood at the top of an
Arabian dune at midday in July, the ambient temperature is nudging the mercury
north of 48°C, and I can smell the skin on my feet crisping as my flip-flops
sink into molten sand… but I still have a broad smile on my face.

Why? Because hammering
down the rod-straight road in front of me is the world’s most exclusive hypercar,
the Aston Martin One-77. And Top Gear’s in the driving seat.

As the noise of the
7.3-litre V12 rises to create a wall of piercing sound, the Aston smashes its
way past, a tall rooster tail of sand behind it. The dream has very much become
a reality, and I’m already beginning to work out how to phrase an uncomfortable
call to Aston Martin.

The reasons are many.
Since Aston first revealed the One-77 at the Geneva motor show in 2009, it has
remained something of an automotive enigma. Exclusivity is a valuable commodity
in the upper stratosphere of supercar ownership, and Aston has protected this
exclusivity to the extreme. To date, no journalist in the world has managed to
get behind the wheel of a One-77, following an edict from Dr Bez that only owners
would ever experience the car from the driver’s seat. But, at Top Gear, we
struggle with the word ‘no’. Our job is to drive everything so we can deliver
the experience to the people that really matter. You. 

It’s been…
complicated. Despite my best efforts, the BBC wouldn’t sign off the £1,200,000
entry fee to the One-77 club, and so began an 18-month search for a way of
getting some quality time with one. After many false starts and dead ends,
finally we found a man with both the inclination and ability to deliver on his
promises. When the call came through saying that the car was sitting
in the showroom and “You really ought to come and drive it… now”, we dropped
everything, booked some cut-price tickets and headed to the airport. Sounds crazy,
but it worked. 

And so, badly burnt and
with mild heatstroke, as a super-exclusive white One-77 storms towards me like
some sort of supercharged angel, I plant my feet on the central white line,
smile and let it char me with the heat of its passing. 

Job done, another
world-exclusive verdict delivered. Time to call Aston…

And for just a small taste, here’s a video of our world exclusive:

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