Top Gear TV: watch Matt, Chris and Rory go on a milk run

Faced with impending disaster (no milk), our heroes venture into the wild. In wild cars

As this promo-thingy for the new series of Top Gear TV proves, going on a milk run is a dangerous business. If you’re not careful, you never know where the road might take you. Especially if – like two thirds of our presenting trio – you don’t even use actual roads.

Faced with apocalypse – an empty milk container – Matt, Rory and Chris selflessly venture into the vast unknown to retrieve that most precious of earth’s elixirs. Tea, after all, just isn’t the same without it.

For such a daunting journey, our intrepid heroes each choose a suitable vehicle for collecting a receptacle of cow-juice. V8 Aston for Mr LeBlanc, Skoda rally car for Mr Harris, and a ruddy G-Wagen for Mr Reid.

Perfect. Only question is, who’ll get there first? Hit play above to find out. And don’t forget to tune into the new series on February 25