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Americans! Next up on Top Gear USA: big tractors and a raging bull

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Rut, Adam and Tanner have gripped the steering wheels of some of the most expensive, exotic machinery on earth, but nothing could have prepared them for this week’s challenge: driving huge dollar, huge power tractors around the most agriculturally productive place on earth. And later in the show, a lucky host gets to ride the newest and angriest bull: Lamborghini’s Aventador…

The very large tractors featured have price tags ranging from a quarter-million bucks to four-hundred grand, supercar horsepower, as much torque as an entire Ferrari dealership and the combined heft of an asteroid belt.

Rut selected a nice, big classic row tractor, the Case IH Magnum 315. Adam found the closest thing to a tank he could, the tracked John Deere 9530T, and Tanner, amazingly, managed to find something even bigger: The articulated, eight tire Challenger MT945B. Just the engine weighs as much as a Toyota Camry.

To find out who chose the best all-around tractor, the boys start with a race. Never has 22 mph been more violent.

Every so often, a farmer must select one of several reverse gears, and sometimes there is a trailer behind it. The hosts are asked to excel in this scenario. Add in the fact that the trailer is articulated, Adam’s tractor is essentially a tank and Tanner’s tractor is articulated (imagine trying to push a wet noodle through a maze) and you can imagine the complexity.

Then it’s a calf wrangling and hauling challenge that has hosts hefting baby cows into a trailer and high tailing it across the farm. Plaid shirts, apparently, do not impress calves as much as they do hipster chicks.

All this is simply preparation for the final challenge, towing three payloads to another farm 10 miles away: A barn, a silo and a tiller set that features what are affectionately known as “the wheels of death.” Least damaged cargo wins. This might be easy if a) they weren’t driving on public roads, b) Tanner weren’t driving and c) Adam weren’t driving.

The overall winner of the farming challenge gets a magnificent prize: the opportunity to review Lamborghini’s newest and bestest, the Aventador. Not just review, actually, but race it against a crop duster. While most people think of these aircraft as simply tractors in the sky, they feature the astounding performance and maneuverability required to at triple-digit speeds less than 10 feet off the deck. And this crop duster is flown by a cowboy with equal parts tungsten-carbide gonads and hard-won skill.

Tune in, American fans of the American Top Gear– it’s on History this Tuesday at 9/8 central as usual. And you can see older episodes on the History Channel Top Gear site, and get breaking news on the Top Gear USA Facebook Page. Let us know what you think as usual in the handy space below…

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