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Jeep Compass

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Running costs and reliability

Jeep Compass front

The sticker prices look tempting. The lead-in Sport version has the 1.6-litre 120bhp diesel and is under £23k. That engine always has front-drive and a manual box. What ‘sport’ is to be had from a low-powered diesel crossover is moot, but we’ll let that pass.

The EC fuel economy is 64.2mpg, for 117 g/km. You might do better than 40mpg real-world. Note that this engine, despite being Euro 6, has shown up pretty badly for NOx emissions in independent on-road testing, so examine your conscience.

The 2.0 diesel is rated at 138g/km for the 140bhp manual FWD and 148 for the 170bhp auto 4WD we drove here. That car lists at £34,295 in the Limited trim we drove.

Petrols are 148g/km for the 140bhp manual FWD and 160g/km for the 170bhp auto 4WD. That corresponds to 45.5mpg and 40.9mpg rated consumption.

The Sport trim gets air and forward collision warning, and a 5.0-inch screen without phone mirroring. Step up £3k to big-selling Longitude trim and you net that fancy big-screen UConnect Nav, plus fogs and 17s.

Limited adds 18s, heated leather seats, reversing camera and sensors front and rear and park assist, blind spot and cross-traffic warning, and roof rails.

Options include a glass roof, vented seats, radar cruise with traffic jam ability, a two-tone roof, and xenon headlamps (which should be standard).

Warranty is three years/36k. The collision mitigation system, and a five-star NCAP, should help with insurance but UK ratings haven’t been assigned yet.

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