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Overall verdict

The Top Gear USA car review:Chevrolet Silverado


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Despite the redesign keeping the same basic Silverado silhouette, there has been some substantial improvements to cabin and load bay space. There is now three inches more rear legroom in the crew cab models. And the beds – which have optional remote lowering and raising for the first time – can carry an additional 20 per cent more cargo.

But the overall interior design of the cab – despite it being all new for 2019 – feels remarkably similar to the outgoing model. The design might have evolved a tad if you put them next to each other. But climbing in there is little to none of the surprise and delight you get when first getting behind the wheel of the new F-150 or RAM.

That will be fine for existing Silverado customers who just want a better version of the truck they have bought – probably – several times before. But it’s unlikely to draw in the millennials looking for the latest tech in their utility vehicle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and there is plenty of tech in there – wi-fi hotspots and screen sharing included – it just doesn’t have the curb appeal of its two greatest competitors.

But it does have the ability to carry more people. With the front central armrest turning into seat back for a central third front passenger, and the rear seat having space for three more, you could quite easily get six people into the truck with all their baggage in the bed. Neither the Ford nor the RAM can do that. Yet.

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