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Overall verdict

The Top Gear USA car review:Chevrolet Silverado



Running costs and reliability

This is where the new Silverado should score highly. It doesn’t have the immediate appeal of the Ford and RAM inside, but it should be a super simple and rewarding truck to live with. If you plump for a mid-range 5.3-liter AFM truck, the claimed fuel savings should mean that you get a small saving in fuel costs. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits.

You’ll enjoy driving it more – empty or full. You’ll find towing easier. You’ll appreciate the fact that you can squeeze in one more person into the cabin when you need to, several more boxes into the bed when you have to. Servicing will still be simple as the engines are much the same as before.

These are things that really matter, what you really need, from a truck. And the Silverado delivers.

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