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Overall verdict

The Top Gear USA car review:Lexus RC F 



Running costs and reliability

This is where the RC F really scores. With the Lexus dealer network regularly clocking top honours for customer service and satisfaction, you are never likely to have a bad retail experience while owning one of these cars. Not that you’ll ever see the dealer after you drive the car off the lot – Lexuses also have one of the best reliability records in the industry.

But while that’s good to know, it wouldn’t be much good if the RC F isn’t a satisfyingly good car to own and drive. It’s unlikely you’ll have many complaints here either. It’s comfortable in traffic, on open roads – and now at the track, too. It can be put half to sleep in Eco mode and just waft along, saving gas. Or it can be woken up like its been stuck with a cattle prod by switching to Sport+. And everything in between.

It’s hard to know which is more impressive. The fact that the engineers have now managed to dial in some proper drama to the RC F’s mature DNA. Or that they have done so without affecting the everyday luxurious way the car gets down the road. But it can’t have been easy. While a quick blast in the car was fun, the true value and satisfaction will likely be found using one everyday.

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