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The Top Gear USA car review:Lexus RC F 



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Not just as good as an M4 to drive, which it never was, it’s quite possibly better

It’s fair to say we didn’t pull any punches when we drove the first RC F. We hoped it would be a chip off the hallowed LFA block and it wasn’t. Yes, it had a superb naturally aspirated V8 engine and its build quality was fabulous. But it understeered like a limo and ate tyres like a child eats raisinettes. The clever chassis systems did their best to hide all of this on the street, but they simply couldn’t on the track. And we made sure everyone knew that.

But with this 2020 edition of the car, and let’s focus on the limited edition TE version – there will be just 50 available in the US in 2019 – Lexus has shown it hasn’t forgotten what we want from a sports coupe. It now makes a thunderous noise, does 0-60mph in under four seconds, has launch control but, best of all, it can be steered not just by the wheel but by the throttle, too. It’s now not just as good as an M4 to drive, which it never was, it’s quite possibly better.

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