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A small selection from the TG inbox

  1. I knew I’d seen the Stig somewhere - Grammys 2014!

    Matt Doering

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  2. As an owner of a Vauxhall Nova GSi (pictured), I would like to say how nice it was to see one back on Top Gear. Even if it wasn’t driven by Vicky Butler-Henderson.

    Ben Nightingale

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  3. I was browsing online and I found a Beetle caravan. Considering Top Gear’s disdain for the VW Beetle, and caravanning in general, this seems to be the antitheses of your show.

    Tom Conklin

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  4. I’ve been working on a design for James May’s next book cover. I do hope he likes it.

    Phil Turner

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  5. I’ve just uncovered some top secret new technology. I’m not sure it wouldn’t work!

    Chris Boone

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  6. This is a shop I found in Milton Keynes, England. Who’s Dummer, then…?

    Mischa Raaby Szibat

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  7. I just want to share my thoughts on Ferrari’s new Formula One car. Since I saw it, the only thing on my mind has been its front nose, and how much it resembles the mouthpiece of a vacuum cleaner. I had to do something about it…

    Filip Ferngren

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  8. When I saw this I immediately burst out laughing.

    Alex Eskenazi-Gold

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