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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Aston Martin Vanquish

Overall verdict
Feels special, looks more like a One-77 than a Vantage - particularly in honed guise.


Beautiful styling, carefully thought through engineering enhancements


Some will still mumble it's all a bit samey


What is it?

For a while Aston Martin sold three cars that were basically the same: DB9, Virage, DBS. The differences were minimal and they were hard to differentiate on the road to the untrained eye. Not ideal when your design philosophy also means the rest of your cars share a family look too. So, it had a rethink. Gone is the Virage (after just a couple of years on sale) and its front end has been blended onto the DB9, which was revised a while back. That cleared space at the top of its range for this – the carbon fibre-bodied Vanquish, which revives Aston’s brand-defining 2001 supercar name and aims to give the Ferrari F12 what for.

It’s not an all-new car. That’s not how Aston Martin’s ‘VH’ chassis philosophy works. This is all about progressive evolution, with new technology rolled out in stages. This time it’s the carbon fibre body, which lets Aston do new things with shapes and sculpture, meaning this looks more modern, alluring and ‘new’ in the, er, composite than it does in the images. 

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
V12 Carbon Black Ed 2dr Volante Touchtronic Auto
4.0s 298g/km 22.1 568 £214,995
The cheapest
V12 2dr Volante Touchtronic Auto
4.3s 335g/km 19.6 565 £199,995
The greenest
V12 Carbon Black Ed 2dr Volante Touchtronic Auto
4.0s 298g/km 22.1 568 £214,995
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