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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Audi TT Coupe

Overall verdict
The best real world supercar on sale. You'll be seeing a lot of these.


World's best sub-£100k cabin meets great drivetrain


S line ride, still not as engaging as a BMW 2-Series


What is it?

The third-gen version of the car know-it-alls will sneer is nothing more than a Golf in a posh frock. Well, game over, glass-half-empty sorts – the new Audi TT is pretty darned good. It does all the stylish, refined coupe things better than the old car, but thanks to an aluminium-intensive construction (yes, it is based around the VW Group’s do-it-all MQB platform) it’s also much lighter, and a genuinely engaging drive at last.

Not that the car shouts it on the outside, unfortunately. Besides moving the badge from the huge grille to the bonnet, R8-style, and turning some of the curves into angular creases, the new TT looks more like a mild facelift of the old car than a traffic-stopping newcomer.

But good news! You can have a fast one. You know how this works: the Audi TTS brings much speed, the Audi TT RS brings vast speed.

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