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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Volkswagen Golf (Mk8)

Overall verdict
New eighth-gen Golf remains the lingua-franca of the hatch world. A finely polished machine


General competence. Ownability. A great drive if you spec it right


Compulsory glass cockpit isn't actually that sorted


What is it?

Can it really be that time again? Like your MoT test or the start of the football season, a new Golf always seems to come around sooner than you expect. Here we are then: the eighth of the line.

The Golf is the lingua franca of the hatch world, universally known and understood. Although it’s always bang up-to-date, each generation is an evolution, springing few surprises. That’s key to its success. No Golf buyer ever had to engage with a conversation that began, ‘You’ve bought a what?’

Something’s different here though. This generation Golf lies at a crossroads. At the same time as it hits the streets, VW launches the ID.3. The ID.3 is mass-market electric car that you can own for similar money (probably more to buy but less to run). A future-facing pod propelled by new energy – literally and metaphorically.

So in some ways the Golf faces backward, like the Cutty Sark, last of the great tea-clipper sailing ships. A highly perfected version of something the world might no longer need.

Backward? Yup it’s even got a diesel engine, albeit a new one with a double urea cat to get rid of the NOx. The stuff that means people no longer trust diesels. Which was, lest we forget, VW’s doing in the first place.

But it also looks forward, with a glass cockpit running new highly connected systems for info, entertainment, control and hazard warning.

The Mk8 uses the same MQB platform as the Mk7, so you’ll find no significant changes in dimensions or basic hardware. Instead most things in the suspension and powertrains are gently improved and finessed.

All panels are new. If only a bit. Recognise it by the new front graphic, a blade that slashes across the vestigal grille and into the shallow all-LED headlamps. On the side, a new crease runs through the door handles. Out back we find new-shape tail-lamps and, because it’s more tear-dropped, a more slit-like rear screen.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.5 TSI 150 Life 5dr
8.5s 110g/km 150 £24,270
The cheapest
1.4 TSI Moda 5dr DSG
8.1s 112g/km 56.5 140 £18,325
The greenest
e-Golf 5dr Auto
9.6s 0g/km 135 £31,020