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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

Overall verdict


Good range of engines, well-made, spacious interior


220 and 250 CDI engine isn't as refined as it should be
There have been elegant two-door Mercs since before the dawn of time. And now there's one more.

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Our choice


E350 BlueTEC AMG Line 2dr 9G-Tronic


What we say: 

An upmarket replacement for the old CLK. Expensive, but well judged

What is it?

This is a lovely, sothing, deliberately unsensational sort of car, sporting a mix of (old) C and (old) E-Class architecture underneath. Mercs are slow burners at the best of times - unless there’s an AMG badge around - but this is a seriously smooth operator (at least until it’s replaced, which won’t be long now…).


Engine-wise, the E-Class Coupe is available with Merc’s familiar 2.1-litre diesel, as a four-cylinder petrol and two six-cylinder engines; a 3.0-litre diesel and a twin-turbo 3.5 litre petrol V6. 

The big diesel suits the car well. It’s silent but for a bit of wind rush around the A-pillars and door mirrors, with the engine note relegated to a distant thrum. As a motorway tool, it’s incomparable. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the petrol V6 is the one to have if it’s excitement you’re after but in truth, nobody really needs anything more powerful than the CDI.

On the inside

The E Coupe is actually based on the C-Class meaning it’s shorter than the saloon and so rear leg room is adequate at best for adults. And despite front seats that tilt and slide, getting in and out can be on the inelegant side too. The boot is capacious at 450 litres, but quite shallow.

The interior follows the same sensible layout of the E-Class saloon but it’s not an identical copy. It’s been constructed with a confidence that’s been missing from recent Mercs, as if each piece hasn’t been built by the lowest bidder. So it’s strong, solid, purposeful with all the materials feeling cm and not mm thick.


Proof that Mercedes’ preoccupations - like everyone’s - are changing comes with the news that the E-Class Coupe is apparently all about ‘exciting efficiency’. Blue Efficiency is Merc’s vaguely comical name for its package of eco measures, including reduced rolling resistance tyres, the clever aerodynamic bodywork and a system that sends power to the steering rack, the fuel pump and alternator only when needed. The best compromise is the E350d, which returns just under 52.3mpg, but can still woosh from 0-62mph in 6.2secs.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
E400 AMG Line Edition 2dr 7G-Tronic
5.2s 168g/km 38.7 333 £46,075
The cheapest
E200 AMG Line Edition 2dr 7G-Tronic
7.8s 145g/km 45.6 184 £38,435
The greenest
E220d AMG Line Edition 2dr 7G-Tronic
8.1s 128g/km 58.9 177 £39,255