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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Audi A5

Overall verdict
Superb design and refinement cloak a nondescript driving experience. Again.


Another stunning Audi cabin, hushed performance, supreme tech


True to form, it's not as sharp to drive as a Beemer


What is it?

The second coming of Audi’s A4-based coupe, which you’ll have struggled to spot given this is Audi’s most subtle styling update on record. Besides a wider grille and slightly Tesla-esque lights there’s very little to tell the new two-door from old, which its buyers will be delighted about. Underneath, it’s based on the VW Group’s new MSB platform, so you’re looking at a 60kg weight saving versus the old car, and the ability to support all Audi’s latest auto-driving kit. All versions are turbocharged, from four-pots to the V6 S5.


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