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Unlock the secret to getting that new car feeling again

With decades of expertise and a huge range of products that’ll do a faultless job every time, Autoglym is the undisputed UK car care champion

It’s remarkable quite how much difference that new car feeling can make. Indeed, when you get behind the wheel for the first time after giving your car a comprehensive spring clean, you might find yourself thinking, “I should’ve done this ages ago.”

Between commutes, family road trips and the great British weather, our cars can often bear the brunt of our busy lives. That’s why British company Autoglym has been helping motorists achieve that forecourt fresh feeling for almost 60 years. Established in 1965, Autoglym is the UK's leading car care brand, renowned for quality and innovation. With state-of-the-art R&D facilities, its range of easy-to-use products ensures a flawless finish for all car owners, from casual drivers to enthusiasts. 

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And with the worst of winter behind us and a potential cavalcade of summer adventures stretching out before you, now’s the perfect time to get your car looking as good as new. From your wheels and paintwork to the all-important interior, read on to discover how Autoglym’s cleaning products can help.

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Where there’s a wheel…

Autoglym Advanced All Wheel Cleaner

Your wheels are the first point of contact when it comes to road grime, and just like an unpolished pair of shoes, the sight of gunked-up alloys can really let the side down. But no nasties will be a match for Autoglym Advanced All Wheel Cleaner 1L. This colour changing, high-cling, pH neutral Wheel Cleaner is safe for all lacquered wheels and cuts effortlessly through dirt and grime.

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For the really tricky bits, use the chemical-resistant Autoglym Wheel Brush, which is ideal for cleaning brake dust and just about anything else from those hard-to-reach corners.

Rock that bodywork

Two people applying Autoglym Ceramic Wash and Protect to their vehicles

The biggest job is worth doing right, so start by using your pressure washer with Autoglym Polar Blast, which forms a thick, clingy snow foam on your car’s exterior for a no-touch experience. It gently loosens dirt and heavy soiling to prevent scratches to the bodywork during washing, while also preserving the finish for longer.

For the main wash, Autoglym Polar Wash and Polar Mitt are your dream team. Spray on Polar Wash with your pressure washer and wipe it off with the ultra-soft and absorbent mitt for a gentle, effortless yet extremely effective clean. The XL Ultra-Soft Drying Towel’s high-density material will then make drying quicker and easier than ever.

If you haven’t got the time or equipment, you can still complete a perfectly streamlined spring clean with Autoglym. All Purpose Cleaner is ideal as a pre-wash, lifting stubborn dirt and grime with ease even if you haven’t got a pressure washer. And for the perfect finish, the triple-action Autoglym Ceramic Wash & Protect effortlessly cleans, leaves a hydrophobic protective layer and adds a high gloss finish, all in one easy step.

All polished off

Close-up shots of two clean car bonnet’s

Of course, if you’re after total perfection, Autoglym’s range of polishing and protection products has you covered. Super Resin Polish restores glossiness while gently removing minor scuffs, swirls and marks across your car’s bodywork, and the Perfect Polish Applicator ensures precise and even coverage.

You can also use Rapid Ceramic Spray to add a durable layer of protection to the paintwork, which lasts up to three months if applied dry. The Finishing Cloth is then ideal for buffing off any polish, wax or sealant to leave behind the ultimate shine.

Smiling on the inside

Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner

Autoglym All Purpose Cleaner is, as the name suggests, great for a wide range of jobs, not just on the outside, but as a perfect stain remover on the inside, too. But if you want to go further with some more bespoke products for those hard-to-reach places, use Interior Hand Pads to safely remove dirt and smudges from all interior surfaces.

There’s plenty of rubber all over your car, yet it can be one of the toughest surfaces to clean. Thankfully, you can treat any interior and exterior plastic and rubber components that have weathered or faded with Vinyl & Rubber Care. And if you just want to get rid of the dust, arm yourself with the high-quality Interior Microfibre cleaning cloth.

Autoglym hasn’t forgotten about your glass, either. Speedy cleaner spray Fast Glass makes light work of grubby windscreens, windows and mirrors. Plus, if you wipe it off with Glass and Screen Cloths, you’ll be left with a crystal-clear, lint-free finish for complete clarity on all windows and electronic displays.

Whether you’re after a comprehensive spring clean or treating a problem area, find the perfect product in Autoglym’s comprehensive range.


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