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Friday 1st December
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Beyond the MOT: how to give your car some love with eBay

Congratulations, you passed! With a load off your mind for another year, it’s time to kit your car out with some must-have accessories

  • MOT

    However new your car is, and however confident you were of a clean bill of health, that pass certificate always comes with a hearty sigh of relief. After that, it’s understandable to want to forget about general car maintenance for another year and get on with your life.

    But… we spend a sizeable proportion of our lives behind the wheel, particularly if you drive to work. So, don’t both you and your car deserve to thrive, rather than just survive? If you’re looking to elevate your driving experience beyond the ordinary, eBay’s got your back.

    As the UK’s biggest marketplace, eBay has a huge range of accessories from roof boxes to cleaning kits, that’ll help you get the most out of your motor. The platform has more than 50 million listings for car parts and accessories alone, including from trusted sellers and recognised motoring manufacturers.

    Whatever you need to do to show your motor a bit of appreciation, you’ll find many enticing deals on eBay – the one-stop shop for drivers who care about their car.

    Shop parts and  accessories


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  • Run out of storage?

    Speaking of parenthood, life can quickly cause storage issues both at home and in your car. Funnily enough, not everyone can afford to upsize at the drop of a hat, so when it comes to motors, a roof box is the way to go. If you’re embarking on a camping trip or a big family staycation, it’s an absolute no-brainer, and your car will be all the tidier for it. You’ll find exactly what you need from eBay’s choice of roof boxes and accompanying racks, from top brands such as Thule, Exodus and Mont Blanc.

    Shop roof boxes


  • Did you get that on film?

    If you’re a casual viewer of TV shows or YouTube compilations whose main thrust is ‘look how rubbish these drivers are’, you’ll know that dash cams are now commonplace. But if you thought dash cams were only for the alarmingly increasing number of people who see every moment of their life as a chance to create content, think again.

    For a start, they can make a positive difference to insurance premiums, particularly if one of your kids has just got their first car. But a dash cam’s main benefit is if you get into an accident, as you’ll be able to provide cast-iron evidence if you need to make a claim, or indeed require it for legal purposes. eBay offers a range of low-cost, easily installed dash cams from the likes of Garmin, Good Year and BlackVue, and can provide HD footage from both the front and the rear.

    Shop dash cams

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  • Sitting comfortably?

    Any spare cash spent on your car may often be confined to the exterior, but paying attention to your interior, and in particular your seats, can make a world of difference. Enter eBay’s range of seat covers – not only can they elevate the look and feel of the car, but they also come with plenty of practical uses, too.

    If you suffer from back pain, for instance, you could opt for a heated cover. Heavy-duty waterproof covers, however, really come into their own for dog owners and parents of any Sunday league mud-spattered children. With eBay, you can even refine your search for attachments that will fit your make and model of car.

    Shop seat covers

  • Still pumped?

    If you’ve just passed your MOT, it’s reasonable to assume your tyres are in decent shape. But if you want to keep them that way, it’s a good idea to stay on top of your tyre pressures. Driving at the correct pressure for your car will increase the tyres’ longevity, and save you fuel in the process. Happily, eBay has an impressive range of digital tyre inflators, many of which are cordless, saving you from having to constantly negotiate the wire to the 12V socket as you inflate.

    Shop tyre inflators

    Find whatever you need to kit your car out with eBay

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