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Sunday 1st October
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How your car can beat the elements this winter

Rain, snow, sleet or frost – whatever the heavens throw at your pride and joy, eBay can help you protect it

Snow chains
  • Anti freeze

    Winter, and if we’re honest, a great deal of spring (and autumn), can be a chastening time for motorists. If it’s not Storm (insert curiously old-fashioned name here) felling branches left, right and centre, it’s biting morning frosts that leave you scraping at the windscreen as your office ETA shrinks further into the future.

    Or perhaps you’re embarking on a multi-motorway marathon of a journey, where you might leave bright sunshine for fog or even, perish the thought, hail. The weather in Q1 can sometimes feel like a bad joke that can make even the simplest drive a challenge.

    Thankfully, eBay understands this. As the UK’s biggest marketplace, it has 50 million listings for parts and accessories alone. Not only that, but its large base of trusted sellers, including original equipment manufacturers and official branded stores – from BMW to Lexus – means you can buy with confidence.

    So, if you fear for your paintwork or windscreen the next time there’s a weather warning, take a look at some of the top products you can find on eBay to help you protect your car from winter’s vengeful wrath…

    Shop winter motor essentials from £5

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  • No more Mr Ice Guy

    Whether it’s the stubborn aftermath of snowfall or a harsh frost, too many morning meetings are lost to iced-up cars. You’ll find everything you need to make light work of those sub-zero starts on eBay, where the advances in ice scraper technology continue apace.

    You can opt for a soft-handled model for maximum purchase, or if you’re feeling really flush, you can get one with an inbuilt brush that’ll wipe away the ice scrapings in one fluid motion. Glancing a little further up the price range, you’ll discover models with adjustable telescopic handles for hard-to-reach corners, which are ideal for larger vehicles.

    Shop ice scrapers

    While you’re there, you’ll also be spoilt for choice with antifreeze. The efficacy of some antifreeze products can decrease over time, so it’s worth shopping for longer-life products there – you’ll also find those designed for even more extreme temperatures – all at much more competitive prices than those of the local garage forecourt.

    Shop antifreeze

  • Snow worries

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that this otherwise great country grinds to a halt at the merest scintilla of snow. But there are steps you can take as a driver to make sure you’re ready for it.

    To avoid the shame of being caught in a viral video that sees car after car pirouette through a snow-covered village high street, snow chains can help. You’ll find premium brands such as König – perfect for larger vehicles in particular – as well as Michelin and Sumex Husky on eBay.

    Thankfully, these models are all easy to fit, especially if you opt for one that simply adapts its tension to your tyre as soon as you’re on the move. Any gaps in the fitting instructions can also be easily plugged with a short YouTube explainer. Nevertheless, it always pays to have a practice run at home first, so you’re ready when you really need to be.

    Shop snow chains

    For a lighter dusting, snow socks are your best bet. These are even easier to fit than chains and really come in handy in more remote areas where roads may not be gritted.

    As with chains, however, remember to remove them once you’ve made it to cleared roads, as they won’t give the requisite level of grip and the road surface will quickly wear them out.

    Shop snow socks

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  • Why does it always rain on me?

    You may take car parts like wiper blades for granted, and with gradual wear you may barely notice their reduced performance. But when you get caught in a full-scale deluge, worn-out wipers can quickly be found wanting.

    Swapping them out for new ones can feel like you’re seeing life in full HD once more. And, as you might imagine, eBay has you thoroughly covered with trusted premium brands such as Bosch. So, why go to the garage when you can fit them yourself at a snip of the cost?

    Shop wiper blades

    For even more efficient rain protection, rain repellents are the way to go – they’re particularly handy for the places wipers can’t reach. Products such as Rain-X are widely available on eBay, which when applied to windscreens and windows, provide a hydrophobic coating that’s effective against rain, snow and sleet. Any moisture will form beads that easily wash away and leave a satisfyingly streak-free finish, plus it can help improve your visibility, and in turn improve your reaction time and stopping distance.

    And while we’re talking about inclement weather, let’s not forget the dreaded fog. You’ll also find a variety of anti-fog and rain repellent combo packs on eBay, which will help elevate your windscreen to stratospheric levels of protection.

    Shop rain repellent and anti-fog

    Take care of all your car’s needs with eBay


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