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Audi A3 cabrio news - It’s raining cash… - 2009

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This week’s Important Lesson in Car Stupidity comes from Hannover in Germany. It’s a good one. Get ready.

A 23-year-old man turns up at an Audi dealership in Lower Saxony, intending to buy a new A3 Convertible. He is carrying with him €23,000 in cash. In an open envelope.

Our hero - described as ‘an inexperienced convertible driver’ - asks if he can have a test drive in said cabriolet. The salesman agrees. Our hero drops the roof on the A3 and puts his €23,000 in cash on the back seat. Alarm bells ringing yet?

He takes the A3 out onto the motorway. The A2 motorway, to be precise, between Garbsen and Hannover-Herrenhausen. He eases up to motorway speeds and - yep, you’ve guessed what’s going to happen here, haven’t you? - the €23,000 in cash swirls merrily into the sky before raining down on the motorway. Oops.

At least there’s a happy ending of sorts. After closing the motorway for a full half-hour, the police manage to recover almost €20,000 of the notes. It’s not clear, however, whether our red-faced hero decided to buy the A3 cabrio.

Anyone got any similarly embarrassing cabrio stories to share with us? Anything as bad as this? 

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