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Saturday 2nd December
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Top Gear's big fat 2020 Christmas gift guide

There are Aston DB5s to suit every budget this Christmas. Other things too, if Astons won't do

  • Corgi Aston Martin DB5: £24.99,

    Corgi Aston Martin DB5: £24.99,

    Bond may not be back until 2021, but that hasn’t stopped Corgi from resurrecting the classic Goldfinger DB5 in diecast form. The original won Corgi the inaugural Toy of the Year award in 1965, and this new one is full of similar Q Branch features. The perfect thing to pass the time until we eventually get to see No Time to Die.

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  • Top Gear Motors, Mischief & Mayhem DVD: £9.99,

    Top Gear Motors, Mischief & Mayhem DVD: £9.99,

    You’ll be needing something to watch on Boxing Day. Guaranteed to be far more interesting than whatever’s on telly (unless what’s on telly happens to be more Top Gear), Motors, Mischief & Mayhem is a collection of Chris, Freddie and Paddy’s best bits from the last few series.

  • Playforever Turbo: £27.80,

    Playforever Turbo: £27.80,

    Want your kids to play with something a little classier? Playforever describe themselves as “creators and connoisseurs of art toys that are built to last a lifetime", and as such its little 1980s F1 car recreations boast UV-resistant paint and tough rubber wheels. Offs into the skirting board should have minimal impact.

    Good job, given the circa £30 price of their various offerings. If you haven’t got kids, and simply want one to adorn your new WFH corner of the house, we really wouldn’t blame you…

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  • T-Lab tee-shirt: £29,

    T-Lab tee-shirt: £29,

    A garment for the geeks here, folks. The ‘Flat Out’ tee’s infographic shows the top speed of the world’s fastest production cars in 1967, 1987, 2005 and 2020. However, there’s no illustration of the cars themselves, nor even a key identifying who’s who. So, you’re either going to have to wait for your friends to guess, or you’re going to don your smuggest smug face, and tell them. Wait, you give up? Okay, it's the Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini Countach, Bugatti Veyron and Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+.

  • Filthy mug: £10,

    Filthy mug: £10,

    If your garage looks like the inside of an F1 team’s pit area these might not be for you, but otherwise these mugs are perfect for a hot cup of tea on a cold Sunday afternoon’s oily tinkering.

  • Lego Aston Martin DB5: £124.99,

    Lego Aston Martin DB5: £124.99,

    Ejector seat, revolving numberplates, bullet shield, machine guns in the lights, as you’d expect that’s all here. But it’s how the operation is integrated that’s so neat. Twist an exhaust, pull a bumper section or move the gearlever to make it all happen. Engineering satisfaction at every level. Lego’s automotive repertoire is bewildering these days, from the Lamborghini Sian and Bugatti Chiron to the new Land Rover Defender and TopGear’s own app-controlled rally car.

  • BAC Mono driving jacket: £695,

    BAC Mono driving jacket: £695,

    Given that the BAC Mono is a no-roof, no-windscreen, trackday special, this Gore-Tex jacket is something of a necessity behind the wheel. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it down the local too, right?

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  • Garmin Catalyst: £899,

    Garmin Catalyst: £899,

    No, not an in-car sat-nav. Those went the way of Bluetooth headsets. This is something different, a virtual track driving coach. It uses super-accurate GPS to get your position and measure data such as lap time and g force. It then works out where you can go faster, or how best to tackle a corner and can talk to you through your car’s speakers. KITT, we knew you were real all along.

  • Tamiya Vanquish: £385,

    Tamiya Vanquish: £385,

    It wouldn’t be a TG gift guide without something from Tamiya, would it? The Japanese manufacturer is our favourite builder of remote-controlled kit cars, and this Vanquish is actually a re-release of a classic from the back catalogue. It’s in 1/10 scale with a polycarbonate chassis, planetary gear differential units and a serious suspension setup. What a thing.

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  • Catch That Whale poster: £256,

    Catch That Whale poster: £256,

    Tim Layzell won the British Racing Drivers Club's ‘Young Motoring Artist Award’ at the age of 13. His work’s come along a fair bit since, transforming classic racing scenes with Roy Lichtenstein-esque technicolour. Mille Miglia, Group B rallying and endurance racing have all been subjected to his hi-def treatment. Don’t tell us your workday won’t fly by with a Porsche 935 bursting out of the wall at you…

  • Little Car Company Aston Martin DB5: £35,000,

    Little Car Company Aston Martin DB5: £35,000,

    Remember those Baby Bugattis that played wi… we mean, carefully appraised earlier in 2020? Well here’s the Little Car Company’s suave follow-up: the Aston Martin DB5 Junior. Available in standard 6.7bhp trim and the 13.4bhp Vantage, you get a mahogany steering wheel, a full leather interior, disc brakes and an authentically sketchy live rear axle. Yours for £35,000-£45,000, before tax. Do be careful, nought-point-nought-seven.

  • Greyp bike: £7,000,

    Greyp bike: £7,000,

    Pronounced Grape, think of this as Rimac’s e-bike – same team behind it, same focus on electronics, rather than conventional bike thinking. So this full suspension, carbon framed mountain bike has built in lights and cameras front and rear, a downloadable app and a joystick nub controller for your phone once its mounted on the bars. Wifi connectivity gives you access to reams of data, allows you to film your rides and has built in sat-nav. But Rimac/Greyp’s biggest area of expertise is battery and motor integration – so here there’s a 700wh battery driving a 460 watt motor. That’s right, the cleverest e-bike out there also develops 66lb ft of torque.

  • Aston DBX luggage set: £5,250,

    Aston DBX luggage set: £5,250,

    What’s a luxury SUV without a matching luggage set? This six-piece, handcrafted collection from Aston Martin is embroidered with DBX design features and has been tailored to maximise boot space.

  • Rage Buggy: From £24k,

    Rage Buggy: From £24k,

    If your New Year’s Resolution is scaring yourself silly while smiling, we’ve got just the thing for you: the Rage Comet R. It’s the latest b*tshit buggy from Rage Motorsport and this time it’s equipped with a 200bhp engine from the latest Kawasaki ZZR1400. Eesh. Essentially consisting of this zippy screaming engine, a six-speed sequential gearbox and some tubular steel wrapped around a titchy wheelbase, it’s as exhilarating as four-wheeled propelled motion can get. Plus, thanks to the optional ‘Supermoto Kit’ you can turn it from a road-legal riot to dirt monster in just 15 minutes.

  • Pirelli Tyre Wheel Rim Table: £2,494.99,

    Pirelli Tyre Wheel Rim Table: £2,494.99,

    Made from a “FIA approved Pirelli non-competition show tyre” (but tell your mates it’s one of Hamilton’s, obvs), this little table stands 57cm tall and weighs a whopping 29kg. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to attach it to your car.

  • Aston Martin DB5 Continuation: £3.3 million,

    Aston Martin DB5 Continuation: £3.3 million,

    James Bond didn’t make it to cinemas this year as planned, but luckily Aston Martin has its own solution: buy a replica of the DB5, chockful of all its most famous gadgets, and make your own mini-007 epic at home. Rotating number plates, a smokescreen, machine guns behind the lights, oil slick spray, deflector shield… it’s got the lot.

    You can read the full review here

  • Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 – £2.5mil,

    Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 – £2.5mil,

    Lamborghini owners are often told to ‘get in the sea’. Usually when they’re mindlessly revving their engines outside someone’s house. But now they actually can. This is the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, a £2.5million luxo speed yacht that takes the design cues and carbon fibre from the wild, limited-run 807bhp Sian hybrid but puts them on the water.

    Fitted with two 24-litre MAN V12 diesel engines producing 1,972bhp (that’s 3,945bhp in total) it’s capable of a top speed of 69mph. Not exactly Lamborghini numbers, but your typical Aventador isn’t 63-foot long. Or weigh 24 tons. This does. So if you’ve got a bank account full of money and Captain Pugwash as your secret Santa, this might be the gift for you.

  • Oregon Raceway: $8.5 million,

    Oregon Raceway: $8.5 million,

    Stuck for gift ideas for the friend who already has everything? This 2.43-mile racetrack should do the trick. Oregon Raceway Park has 16 corners and 400 feet of elevation change, and can be yours for a cool $8.5 million.

  • Williams GP: £136m (approx.), apply

    Williams GP: £136m (approx.), apply

    Bernie Ecclestone used to joke that the quickest way to become a millionaire in Formula One was to start an F1 team as a billionaire. Buying the Williams team would be the ideal opportunity to put that to the test.

  • McLaren MTC: c£200 million,

    McLaren MTC: c£200 million,

    What to get this Christmas for the motoring addict who has it all? How about McLaren’s famous Woking headquarters for the bargain price of £200m? Yep, earlier this year McLaren put its HQ – which comprises the Technology Centre, the Production Centre and something called the ‘Thought Leadership Centre’ – up for sale. The plan was to free up some cash while agreeing a deal to lease the property back. Not a bad buy-to-let investment.

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