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The Aston DB5 from GoldenEye could be yours!*

*Well, only if you have between £1.2m and £1.6m lying around. So maybe not

If you require an Aston Martin DB5 for a very particular purpose – namely, outgunning a Ferrari F355 driven by a ludicrously named fictional villain on the hills above Monaco, in, um, 1995 – then you’re in luck!

Because this is the actual Aston Martin DB5 driven by Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in 1995’s rather good GoldenEye.

It’s being offered up for auction at Bonhams’ Goodwood sale – because of course – and benefits from a life spent on display. It’s served time at both the National Motor Museum and the Bond in Motion exhibition.

It’s in the spec you want, naturally. Built in 1965, it gets a 4.0-litre straight-six underneath, 282bhp, silver paint, and black leather. More importantly, the pictures above also clearly show the receptacle for holding a champagne bottle and flutes, just like in the movie. You of course, can fill it with Skittles. Or Custard Creams. The choices are limitless.

Thanks to its actual Bond provenance, this DB5 is going to be a pricey buy: Bonhams reckons on between £1.2m and £1.6m when it goes up for auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July. Which makes it tremendously expensive.

So basically, half an Aston Martin Valkyrie.

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