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Can you draw the president’s new limo?

So, the USA’s presidential limo is getting a bit long in the tooth. And some of ‘The Beast’s’ on-board tech could generously be described as… volatile.

Which is why the Department of Homeland Security added a General Services Administration contract posting on its official website, which invites bids for a brand new presidential limo design. It’ll be for the country’s new president, who’ll land in office in 2017. Surprisingly, we’ve not had a call yet.

Unfortunately, the contract’s limited to major domestic American carmakers with a primary HQ in the USA. Which pretty much restricts things to the country’s big three - Ford, GM, and Chrysler.

Thing is, some of said carmakers are either owned by, or own other carmakers. Fiat has a controlling stake in Chrysler (as well as Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Ferrari), and The General owns Vauxhall and Opel. So, at a stretch, you could just - just - make a case for a governmental LaFerrari . Or Vauxhall Meriva.

So, with that in mind, we’d like you - yep, you with your mouth open - to design us something based on the brands above. Click here for some of the old one’s specs if you need some inspiration.

Tidy handling. Sharp design. Compact, city-friendly proportions. Just some of things this car doesn’t need. We’re thinking bullet-proof glass, many defences, weapons-grade connectivity, and enough power to travel through time. Shame Brabus isn’t a US company, really…

Now do your worst, internet. And send all entries to with ‘Presidential Limo’ in the subject line. We’ll turn best “Beast II” design into a proper rendering, and post forthwith. We may even send it to the Secret Service.

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