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Bugatti Veyron news - Video: Water Bug’ - 2009

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It is Friday the 13th. It is damp (well, it is if you’re in the UK). It’s still over a month until you can look forward to getting embarrassingly drunk at the office Christmas party.

But cheer up: at least your day is going better than this gent’s day.

This gent drives a Bugatti Veyron. Or drove a Bugatti Veyron, rather. Along Interstate 45 in Texas, to be precise, when he was distracted by a low-flying pelican (excuses, excuses), which caused him to veer off the road… and into a lagoon.

A salt-water lagoon. Lovely corrosive water, sloshing through all the expensive mechanical bits of your million-quid, 1000bhp hypercar. Gutted.

The anonymous driver – well, wouldn’t you want to stay anonymous if you’d just binned your Veyron into a lake? – escaped unhurt, which is more than we can say for the poor Bugatti…

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