This is Nissan’s Xmotion concept SUV

Room for six, autonomous tech and a roof-box. What say you?

You can never have enough crossover/SUV things in your life, the expression doesn’t go, so to Nissan’s line-up comes – possibly – something that’ll look like this. It’s called the Xmotion concept, ready to infuse your pioneering trips to the tidy tip with more vigour.

It’s pronounced cross-motion, not x-motion as the lettering would suggest, and signals Nissan’s future design language. Imagine something like this on the next GT-R. Yikes.

Nissan describes said language as a “powerful dynamic presence”. Well, it’s certainly got presence: chunky, blocky, and with giant 21in aluminium-alloy wheels featuring the tyre tread laminated on top. You hear that? That’s the sound of your spine crumbling.

Kidding. Nissan reckons this go-anywhere SUV “can be driven every day, yet can take the owners and friends to a national park or recreation area on a whim”, so it’ll have to be comfortable.

And inside, it certainly looks serene, what with its rather lovely wooden architecture modelled on Japanese wood joinery – or ‘kigumi’. To this Nissan adds imagery of a river onto the floor, no less than seven digital screens (three main, one left, one right, centre console and a ‘digital room mirror’ in the ceiling), plus seating for six people.

We’re promised autonomous tech and lots of connectivity as befits any self-respecting future SUV, but no information has yet been provided. This is, by and large, a styling and thematic exercise: Japanese culture and craftsmanship, American utility.

“With its combination of style and technology,” explains Nissan design VP Alfonso Albaisa, “this concept fulfils Nissan’s mission of moving people to a better world.” Sounds a touch Weyland-Yutani there, but in any case, let us know your thoughts below.