This custom Tesla Model S rescues other Teslas

Specialised 'mobile service' Model S rides to the rescue like an electric A-Team van

Tesla has introduced what it calls a ‘mobile service’ Model S; the automotive equivalent of, we suspect, calling in the services of your mate while inebriated and in need of assistance.

This is how it works. Your Tesla needs help for whatever reason. So you call in Tesla’s mobile service team who ride to your aid in this custom Model S. They’re able to fix “up to 80 per cent” of problems you might have encountered.

The custom Model S was built by Tesla technicians who use it on a daily basis, and we’re told that the Model S’s considerable space advantage inside means it comes with its own custom-built tool box, plus spare parts including wiper blades, door handles, parking sensors, brake fluid and “much more”. Just like a van. Over-the-air diagnostics are also said to be able to diagnose 90 per cent of problems before the car would even require a proper service centre, too.

It will be included in new vehicle’s warranties but old and second-hand customers can benefit, too. The fleet is already 350+ strong in the States. Now the scheme is beginning to be rolled out throughout the UK.