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Wednesday 6th December
Fail of the Century

Fail of the century #33: Covini C6W

If it was a good idea, someone else would’ve done it already

As boardroom-wall-motivational-poster slogans go, FOTC will admit this doesn’t have quite the go-get-’em-tiger zing, of, say, “if you can dream it, you can do it”, or “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. But sometimes a bit of self-doubt, no bad thing. Take, for example, the case of the C6W, the six-wheeled supercar from Italian firm Covini Engineering.

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Because, yes, a car with an extra axle up front has its hypothetical merits: more grip, more braking force, less chance of a massive tank-slapper in the event of a front tyre blowout, 50 per cent more sick rimz to show off to your mates in the Halfords car park.

But before spending many years, and presumably many millions, developing it, perhaps Covini should’ve considered... Ferrari? And Lamborghini? Porsche? Pagani? Koenigsegg? Jaguar? None of them ever concluded six wheels were better than four. Maybe that’s an indication that... they’re not?

Developing a supercar from scratch is tough enough, without the added complication of engineering an extra set of frontal apparatus, and the added added complication of then convincing punters they want to buy something that looks like the result of a terrible photocopying error. It’s OK to leave some ideas in the boardroom brainstorm.

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