You are here doesn’t normally do motorbikes, but even we have to sit up and take notice when Slovenian exhaust wizards Akrapovič come up with a bike called the ‘Full Moon’ that’s been designed from the tailpipe forwards.

Looking like a something a Tron-universe Cruella de Vil might ride to the pet shop, the Full Moon is a one-off concept bike developed in partnership with fellow Slovenian outfit Dreamachine Motorcyles.

That, um, bottom-drawer name is nothing to do with the bike’s enormous rear end: rather, it’s a homage to that 30-inch aluminum-and-carbon-fibre front wheel, which is supposed to resemble - you’ve guessed it - a full moon.

Twin Akrapovič exhausts are integrated directly into the sheetmetal bodywork - as the company itself puts it: ‘the bike is essentially an exhaust’. A fabulous-looking one, we think you’ll agree.

There’s pedigree here too. BMW called on Akrapovič’s services when it needed an exhaust system for the limited edition M3 GTS, while the company also offers kits for Ferrari, Porsche and even the little Fiat 500 Abarth.

The Full Moon isn’t just a mere show-pony chopper either. Fully exposed fore of the exhaust shroud is a 1542cc engine from S&S, the same manufacturer that builds the barmy-but-lovable Morgan 3 Wheeler’s front-mounted V-twin.

Akrapovič has also specified ceramic brakes, ‘automatic steering’ (yikes?) and a hydraulic suspension system that lowers the bike into a ‘seated’ position when stationary, so there’s no need to spoil that stunning bodywork with an ugly kickstand.

A perfect party piece for a life of motor shows and trade fairs, which is exactly what the stunning Full Moon prototype is destined for. What price a production run, and some numberplates, Akrapovič? Come on, it’s almost Christmas…

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