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Forza Horizon 5: eight cars you need in your garage

Over 50 hours and 200 levels in, here are our favourites so far

Jaguar F-Type rally car Forza Horizon 5
  • Forza Horizon 5 Dodge Viper SRT GTS

    Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece. The game looks stunning, the cars feel weightier when driving at speed and the photo mode makes every vehicle look gorgeous on Mexican roads.

    So, these are our favourite cars in our first 200 levels. Some obvious contenders have been omitted as we haven’t been fortunate enough to unlock them *cough Koenigsegg Jesko cough* in wheelspins.

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  • Ferrari 599XX Evolution

    Forza Horizon 5 Ferrari 599XX Evo

    Let’s get the obvious question out of the way. No, this car is no longer the fastest in-game. You can no longer tune the 599XX to storm through an entirely fictional 320mph. Boo.

    What you get in Horizon 5 is a 1,400bhp car that, once tuned, handles nicely while keeping a ludicrous top speed. By far TG's favourite and fastest car around the Goliath. After multiple races online in X class, only a handful of things can keep up - looking at you, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

  • Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition

    Forza Horizon 5 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition

    Lucky enough to have got one of these in a wheel spin? A hearty congrats. The carbon Lambo is so wild, even in its 'standard' it's possible to run the Goliath in under 10 minutes. Without even trying.

    Fully upgraded it runs around 1,200bhp and there is nothing in-game that compares to the sheer insanity. Quite how it maintains grip going 250mph around long sweeping corners remains up for debate. If you’re looking for a car to do all the speed traps, this will eat them up on-road or off-road.

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  • Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK Forza Edition

    Forza Horizon 5 Merc AMG CLK action

    It’s not the fastest S2 or X class car but quite frankly its performance isn't the selling point here. Just look at it. You won’t stand a chance against the two cars mentioned above online, but take it on a circuit with long flowing corners - say Lookout Circuit - and you can run it flat out everywhere.

    The CLK’s real-life $10,000,000 price tag might prove a wee barrier to entry in the so-called real-world, but it looks so gorgeous in photo mode we can all pretend. Right? Right?

  • Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe

    Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Coupe drift

    No finer epithet could have been bestowed upon one of AMG's classics. The 'Hammer' isn't the fastest and neither does it boast the best in-game handling, but it just drips with cool. Especially when sideways, which is a fairly common occurrence given it's an AMG.

    Put in the 7.2L V8 racing engine and upgrade it to 1,350bhp because why the hell not. The Hammer is the most fun we’ve had in Forza Horizon 5 and you need it in your (gaming) life.

  • Ford “Hoonicorn” Mustang 1965

    Forza Horizon 5 Hoonicorn drift

    If you want to channel your inner Ken Block, this car is by far and away the best Gymkhana car in Horizon 5. Perfect for hooning around in free roam to farm skill points. 

    The Hoonicorn is also the perfect car for all those danger zone PR stunts, providing you can keep it in a straight line. Which might prove tricky considering it kicks out 1,400bhp of AWD sideways fun. Hmm.

  • Zenvo TSR-S

    Forza Horizon 5 Zenvo TSR-S

    Another car that struggles to compete online, but one we felt compelled to include because… wing. No other car offers a cabaret act while sweeping it through a circuit. Basically: dancing rear wings = hilarity.

    We attempted to take some photos of the wing in full tilt, but sadly it seems to reset itself once you hit the photo mode button. Top of S2 you’ll be running around 1,600bhp but it’s quite a heavy thing compared to the other supercars you’ll be facing. You can see better photos of that wing by reading our TSR-S review by clicking these blue words.

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  • Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT

    Mitsubishi 3000GT Forza Horizon 5 race

    Talking of heavy things, this takes the cake. Entirely useless on track - ask us how we know - despite its active aero and four-wheel-steering, advanced tech for the time. It was also the car TG was most excited to drive in Horizon 5. Again, ask us why.

    Sure it’s a tank, but with the right tune and with 600bhp of twin-turbo goodness it’s still quick.

  • Porsche 959 Prodrive Rally

    Forza Horizon 5 Porsche 959 Prodrive Rally

    Purchasing the Buena Esperanza house gets you this car for free, which certainly fulfils the 'fully furnished' part of the ad. Naturally, the glorious 959 works well in cross country or rally racing in the S1 class. Just make sure to select the right tyres and max that suspension travel for the former.

    A brilliant car to complete all but one of the trailblazer PR stunts. We’d recommend throwing in the 4.6L hybrid V8 from the 918 Spyder and upgrading it to produce 1,400bhp because life is all about variety, right?

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