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GTA 5's Trevor was given a 'James Bond'-style DLC story that never got released

“Trevor was going to be undercover, he works for the Feds,” says Trevor voice actor Stephen Ogg

Published: 25 Apr 2024

While the gaming world sits on its hands impatiently waiting for more news about Grand Theft Auto 6, a tantalising piece of info about its predecessor has emerged via a livestream featuring GTA 5 voice actors Stephen Ogg, Shawn Fonteno and Ned Luke. There was story DLC content in the works, and Ogg shot content that put loveable maniac Trevor in a Bond-like role.

In a conversation hosted on Streamily, the trio who played Trevor, Franklin and Michael discussed their wish to have seen story DLC released for GTA 5.

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“That was the original plan, I think” says Luke. “But then [GTA] Online took off.”

Luke elaborates that he understood there’d be more story content that followed each of the three protagonists in their own episode.

“We also had that really cool s*** where – I forget if it was DLC, I have no idea – but where Trevor was going to be undercover,” says Ogg. “We did shoot some of that stuff with, like, ‘James Bond Trevor’. He’s still kind of a f***-up, but he’s doing his best to be like [does espionage-y eyebrow gesture].

“And then it just disappeared and they never followed up on it.”

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GTA 5 developer Rockstar did announce upcoming ‘story mode updates’ via its newswire as far back as 19 December 2013, at the same time it announced the upcoming ‘heists’ content for GTA Online.

However, that content never saw the light of day and in 2017, then-director of design Imran Sarwar confirmed in an interview that it had been cancelled.

As for GTA 6, it’s still as quiet as a Los Santos speed awareness class. Expect the publicity to ramp up again towards the end of 2024 when the game nears its rather open-ended 2025 release date.

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