Meet the Aero GT, Morgan’s new old car for Geneva

Morgan's last ever Aero model is race inspired and super rare

This, chaps and chapettes, is the new Morgan Aero GT. ‘New’ is a relative word when describing Morgans, of course; it’s a car still with its roots clearly in the past.

It’s the last Aero-badged Morgan we’ll get, a lineage that goes back to the slightly melted-looking Aero 8 roadster of 2001. Most famous is probably the stylistically berserk AeroMax coupe.

The Aero GT sends the model line out on a high, with lots of racecar inspiration. Check out the diffuser at the back and the vented wheel arches; this is a Morgan channelling some actual aerodynamics.

Power, as usual with Aero models, comes from a 367bhp 4.8-litre V8 sourced from BMW. For the GT, it’s mated exclusively to a manual gearbox. Expect its operation to be quite physical.

Get a good launch, though, and it’ll hit 62mph in 4.5secs on its way to a 170mph top speed. It weighs just 1,180kg, though you can marginally add to that with an optional carbon hard top. If you at all care, Morgan is claiming 23mpg and 282g/km too.

We suspect tax bills aren’t high on owners’ agendas, though. The Aero GT costs £120,000 before taxes (so around £144,000), but if you think that’s a tad too much, consider the miniscule eight-car run has long since sold out.

That cash buys not only exclusivity, but a completely bespoke specification, ensuring all eight Aero GTs are completely different. Each buyer will get some time with Morgan’s design boss, Jon Wells, before their car enters a ten-week build. It’s a special thing, this.

Wounded at missing out? Morgan has a back-up option, with the comparatively mass production Plus 8 50th Anniversary Edition (pictured in blue). A whole 50 of these will be made, with the same BMW engine providing motive power and similar performance figures to the Aero GT.

It weighs 80kg less, though, which you’d expect given it eschews a proper roof or windows. It’s described by Morgan as one of the lightest V8 passenger cars in the world. Pub-bragging rights assured, then.