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Turn it up loud and listen to Heidfeld's McLaren scream at Goodwood

The Festival of Speed is nearly upon us: remind yourself of Nick Heidfeld's extraordinary run

In 1999, former BMW and Williams Formula One driver Nick Heidfeld strapped himself into the cockpit of the glorious McLaren MP4/13 and lined up at the start of the now famous Goodwood hill climb.

His target? To set the world on fire and provide a soundtrack for the ages. That’s because his incredible, dicey run up the hill stands to this day as the fastest ever time recorded at Goodwood.

And it has remained that way since, well, 1999. No contemporary F1 car has been allowed to set a time since Heidfeld’s run. In fact, McLaren even admitted the run should never have been allowed.

The sheer speed of a modern Formula One racer beggars belief, and around the tight, narrow confines of Goodwood, the McLaren’s dance up the hill remains buttock-clenching viewing.

And boy does it sound glorious. And with a time of 41.6 seconds, remains the FoS benchmark. So, as we gear up for the 2018 Festival of Speed and its speedy hill runs, remind yourself of the very speediest. Don’t forget to turn it up really, really loud…

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