Grid 2: now with free BAC Mono

Last week we learned that Gran Turismo 6
will be out in time for Christmas on the PS3. Then on Wednesday, Forza
Motorsport 5 was announced as a launch title for the new Xbox later this year.
Things are definitely hotting up in the virtual racing world…

So in an interesting move, Codemasters
announced today that a copy of their new racer - Grid 2 – will cost 125,000
English pounds.

Now, for that you do get some extras. A PS3
to play it on, for one. A racing suit, boots and gloves too, so you can look extra-realistic
on your sofa. Oh, and a BAC Mono: the lightly insane, 170mph, British-made road
legal racer that we’ve been evangelizing about ever since Stig first took one to Blackpool.

(In fact, we like it so much last month we took another one all the way to Death Valley, for one of the world’s loneliest road trips.)

Boringly, the game will also be available
without a BAC Mono at the usual prices and places, but why skimp when you can
have one of Britain’s finest recent cars in your drive too?

If you’d like to pre-order the £125,000
game (there is only one), then head to this link. We’d like to hope it would go
to a TopGear.commer after all…

Or if you’re temporarily short of funds, check
out some extended gameplay below – the game is out next Friday 31 May.